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I'm moving!

I started a new blog - http://the-high-chair.blogspot.com/

Check there for new posts!

Posting slacker...

Obviously I've been slacking on posting.  Keeping an updated LJ fell low on my ambitions lately.  Brief update:

- I'm very proud of David...he's been dealing with a crapstorm of drama from all different directions over the past couple months, none of it his fault, and he's been handling it very well.  Hopefully soon things will settle down, though...it does get old.

- I'm proud of myself because David's company hit a rut and we didn't get paid for a month, but somehow we all survived. I made it an entire month without going to the grocery store and we ate pretty well, and I managed to get David a lunch to take to work almost every day.  Now things are starting to pick up again so hopefully I can restock the pantry and freezer so I can take another grocery shopping break when the baby comes.

- I'm knitting my sister's baby a pair of combat boots (that will eventually go with a little camo outfit, but I don't think I'm going to get to that until her shower this fall).  I made one last night, but I found a pattern I like better so I'm going to frog it and try again. 

- My broccoli finally is ready in my garden, and I can't eat any!  Last night I broke a couple pieces off and had terrible heartburn until 4:00 am, and am still feeling it now.  So someone is going to get a lot of broccoli over the next few weeks...

- I haven't had much patience with anything lately and have been pretty cranky.  My poor family is bearing with me well, and I think most of the time I realize when I'm getting whiny, but as long as I don't go too long without eating and get something that resembles a night of sleep I'm alright.  Long days are hard, though - after a Sunday when we're on the other side of the river all day, now I just go home and go straight to bed.  Only two more months...and then I'll be carting another baby around. Sometimes it's hard to call if babies are easier inside or out. :)

- The girls have been hilarious lately....well, Kate's sneaky and into everything and Amy is in high-drama mode, as usual, but they have been especially good for laughs lately.  Kate is turning out to be quite a sweetie, too - always hugging and cuddling on people, but that doesn't change that she's also the one who will eat out of the dustpan or run out the door as soon as she knows no one is looking.

- I have my sewing list down to finishing my sister's diaper bag and then starting my friend's.  I'm doing that one without a pattern. I'd like to think it's "custom" and I'm "following a vision" but I just hope it doesn't turn out to be trainwreck. I thought about making a hammock for the backyard, but eh, we'll see if I get around to it. 

- The ARC is bringing their truck around this week to pick up junk!  I am determined to take full advantage of this decluttering opportunity.

So that's that...

I think I'm solar-powered...

I have SO much more energy on sunny days.  My house is actually starting to look clean and I spent the afternoon sewing for my sister's baby gift.  But I still haven't figured out how to get flames on the diaper bag without looking cheesy...but I have gone as far as I can go without sewing in the flap, so when I do figure it out then I can just put the bag together and it will be ready for the mail!

After my energy boost I crashed and stared at Reading Rainbow with Amy, and then I looked at fabric for my next sewing project.  I got it into my head that I was going to use up all my flannel and clear out the box, (like make an assortment of pack-n-play sheets and a bunch of baby gowns for people that I have other gifts planned) but as I sorted it, I realized that I may as well hang on to it because I had the material to make great baby gifts, like a receiving blanket with a matching baby gown, and there will be more babies in the future, even with the boom now.  I think it would make more sense to work on emptying my other random material box for the sake of space, and save the flannel for the next time I want to make a nice gift. So, that liberates me from quite a bit of sewing in the immediate future, which is nice because I still have to do another diaper bag by the end of July and my back will appreciate a little less leaning over.

I finally gave up and put cabinet locks on the kitchen cupboard to keep Kate out of the garbage.  I still believe in teaching boundaries over massive childproofing, but Kate kept eating out of the garbage and I didn't want to risk that she would eat something to make herself sick before she got that she was supposed to stay out of the trash.  I didn't put locks on anything with Amy because she wasn't as persistent as Kate, but yesterday I pulled so much stuff out of her mouth that I dug a pack of locks out of the garage and asked David to install them as soon as he got home, which he did successfully. So far Kate can't open that cupboard, and she's tried many times.  But sheesh, those things are annoying. 

Speaking of Kate, that girl...she climbs on everything, sticks everything in her mouth, if we leave the door open for a second she's outside and halfway across the lawn, we can't keep toilet paper on the roller anymore because she immediately pulls it all off, we have to keep chairs pushed in at the table because if we leave them out she'll climb all the way up to the table... When she wakes up in the morning she already has this look of mischief on her face, and I bet I know what she's thinking.  "Oh, I'm going to have so much fun today!  First I'm going to go pull over that cup of water mom left on the end of the table, and then there's a fresh roll of toilet paper, which must be a sign someone is coming to visit because that's the only time mom puts it on the wall now, so of course that has to come off.  Then I think I'll suck on a Desitin tube until someone takes it away.  And I still haven't successfully climbed in the dryer, so maybe I'll have a go at that.  And of course I need to figure out how to break the lock so I can keep having my snacks out of the trash can..."

Milestone, of sorts...

Now after Kate makes her poop face (I wonder if there's any chance I'll get a picture of that...always fleeting, but so funny) and I say, "did you poop?" she makes a sound kind of like "poo" or "oo" and grabs her diaper, with a completely angelic expression on her face.

Yes, I just got a wiff. She certainly pooped.  Now I'm off to do another brave mommy-duty.

I feel human again. :)

This has been a long, rough week.  With Amy being sick we've been cooped up since Sunday morning, and the weather has been dreary so it's depressing to even look out the window.

But now Amy's fever is completely gone, she's been eating, and she has her attitude back.  Still a little sniffly, and the poor kid is so pale and thin she looks like one of the elves from The Dark Crystal, but today she looked outside and even with the cold and clouds, she asked, "can I ride my bike?" 

So I bundled her up, despite her sniffles, (socks and a sweatshirt in June...yuck.) and sent her outside.  Since Kate was taking a nap, I did an impromptu gardening blitz, planting some more lettuce, spinach, green beans, and carrots in my big box, and loosened up the soil around a tomato and added some peat moss to give it a bit more drainage around the roots - the leaves are curling and since I planted it before I added extra peat moss, compact soil is my best bet as to why.  When I finished that I decided to take on my herb garden.  I just wanted to move around a couple plants to make room for the climbing roses to move in this winter, so I did that, and then I moved my strawberries from the pot to around the bigger herbs, moved the parsley from the box to the garden, and planted some cilantro and dill seeds. Don't know if those will come up or not, but I figured I had nothing to loose...and if they do come up, and my cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes do well, then I'll have them for salsa and pickles (my ultimate gardening ambition - to have enough stuff to can!).  I also planted some sunflower seeds in the spots I'm saving for the roses. 

That sounds like a lot, but it didn't take more than an hour.  In fact, I finished just in time for it to start pouring rain (don't need to water :) and for me to suspect that Kate would be getting ready to wake up (but she's still asleep...).  Amy went over to play with the neighbor kids.  I was a bit wary to let her go, but the half hour outside climbing in the lilac tree put so much color in her cheeks I figured that being out of the house would be good for her, especially since it's just right across the street. 

Now I'm tired, but it's a good tired...not the bleck tired I had when I was sick.  Still need to make dinner, though...
Here's my whinefest for the day...

- David is having drama, drama, drama, at work...he might have to look for a new job. (VERY long story short)

- We're all sick.  Amy's fever is down to 101 today, but Kate has been screaming a lot (teething? stomachache? who knows...) and doesn't have a fever, but is pretty lethargic.  I've had to get up with Amy for the past 2 nights and this morning she was up at 6:00 saying she was thirsty.

- Apparently Obama is considering Hillary for a running mate?  After all that voting drama we could end up with both of them in the White House?  Ew.  I know that's not a mature or educated political opinion, but really.  After months of bickering and bad-mouthing each other, all the sudden they're best friends and want to be co-workers for the next 4-8 years?  I could deal with one or the other, but both?  I'd rather go to a New Kids On The Block Concert.  Didn't both of them say they rather eat nails than run together? (well, that might be an exaggeration, but that was sure the impression I got in those feisty campaign speeches.) Maybe somehow running together will cancel out their individual popularity? Or there's still time for someone to drop a house or throw a bucket of water on Hillary.   Is Al Gore available? ANYBODY ELSE?  (In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a Democrat.) 

- My house smells funny, and I'm not sure why. 

And I'm going to stop the griping and take a nap...Amy actually went to sleep on her own (in underwear...now I'm SO glad she's taking a nap and she needs it, but please, please, don't pee the bed!) and Kate is mellow in her play pen (what could be wrong with her? She already had the fever...) so I'm just going to, at least, lay down for a little bit and get my head back together.  I have to figure out what stinks...


I never thought I'd be thankful for a 24 hour kid's channel...but today I was.  Our DVD player is broken (well, the player itself is fine, but the box we need to hook it to so it works with our TV is busted) and today Amy has had a fever going between 102 and 104. Normally this calls for a movie day, but that wouldn't work at the moment.  However, since we got our digital box, we now have qubo, which is all cartoons.  So today Amy cuddled on the couch and watched random cartoons all day.  Yay for getting more channels with digital TV.

She talked to her daddy on the phone and I've never heard anything so pitiful.  "I'm feeling better," she sniffed, right after I took her temp at 104. Poor kid.

But I did roast a lovely chicken today, and my mom sat with the girls while I ran to the bank and the grocery store (got an awesome deal on chicken and now the freezer is stocked for awhile), and cleaned up while she was gone.  Still can't wait for the girls to go to bed so I can plop down and be DONE for the day.  Bleck.

It's finished.

My first baby sweater:

It's far from perfect, but it's done and functional.  I'm going to redo the sad, bushy pom-pom with Grandma's pom-pom maker, but otherwise it is good to go.

The hat was the Umbilcal Cord Hat from Stitch-n-Bitch, (if you're curious you can go here and flip until you see a baby hat) except it seemed to cry for a nice, fat, pom-pom on the top instead of the i-cord like the one in the pattern.  The top of that hat was my first run with double-pointed needles, too. 

After I finished the hat, I still had a bunch of yarn that I got back from my first run at trying to knit, about four years ago.  So I decided that the hat cried for a matching sweater.  I found the Baby Yoda Sweater pattern (The link disappeared) and it looked doable.  I didn't have too many problems until I got ready to sew it together.  Then I learned that seams are hard.  I labored through the Stitch-n-Bitch directions, and even though the body was more or less nice and neat, my seams looked awful.  This called for a trip to Grandma's.

She said that it doesn't really matter how you do the seams, as long as you go the same direction into the same part of the stitch.  "It'll look like you did a pattern," she said.  So I gave up trying to follow directions, and it still isn't anywhere near perfect but it holds together without gaping holes, and I'll take that. (However, I would like to get better at sewing seams before I take on a bigger project - David wants a 70's fisherman's sweater, like one his dad passed down to him back in high school.  I told him to give me a year or two and I'd try.) I think part of the reason they look so sloppy is that my edge stitches were pretty loose so I couldn't get an even tension while I was trying to sew it up. The inside seams look like a trainwreck, so if you happen to be holding my baby and he's wearing this sweater, don't look on the inside, okay?

26 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow.

And the only reason I remember that is either when I get the Babyfit emails that say how far along in the subject line (I usually don't read the actual email) or I have to go on myspace and check my ticker.  Compare this to how I read "What to Expect When You're Expect" almost cover to cover when I was pregnant with Amy. :)

At my last appt. my midwife said, "See you in a month, and after that it will be every two weeks."  Really?  Already? Guess I'm going to have a baby pretty soon, huh?

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Welcome to Shitterton!

That's the funniest thing I've read in awhile.